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gan·riki [眼力] [がんりき] insight; power of observation

There's little question anime has created around it an audience — a fandom and a casual viewership both — unlike almost any other in popular culture. Anime deserves, and more often than not has received, the kind of attention it needs.

But there's always room for more such attention, and more importantly, attention of a new sort.

Who we are and what we're doing

We are anime fans, bloggers, and critics, in roughly that order. Our aim is to talk about anime critically — not in the sense of finding fault with it, but of looking at why it is the way it is, and to celebrate that in all its incarnations.

We're trying to look at anime in a way that complements its uniqueness and is conscious of its larger place in popular culture generally. We want to be insightful without being pretentious, knowledgeable without being didactic, and eager to bring different corners of anime fandom to light without assuming anything.

We want to appreciate anime for being what it is, rather than scold it for not being something it was never intended to be. But we also want to see it for what it can be, and not assume that all it is and all it has been are all it can ever be. “A palette, not a hierarchy” is a good way to describe this approach — one where the lowbrow, the popular, the rarefied, and the greatest-and-best can all rub shoulders in a lively way, each informing the other.

We don't feel the need to review absolutely everything that comes our way, or to make a case for shows that already have an existing fandom. If we look at something that's already popular, it'll be because we believe we have some view on it that is new and refreshing.

How we're doing it

We've elected to go with a publication model that's low-volume by design. Rather than have a torrent of posts all day long, we'll post one feature-length article a week, the same time every week (Monday morning). We won't cover breaking news or review every single show that hits our doorstep; instead, we'll look at the shows we feel matter most, whatever the reason why.

We're still making a great many decisions about the format of the site, the content of articles, and the under-the-hood architectural details. For instance, while we're planning to eventually make the site an ad-supported venture, we haven't decided how this is to be accomplished, although right now we're already providing affiliate links for relevant products and some contextual ads supplied through our commenting system.

That said, we've already published a small wealth of articles we feel are representative of what this site is meant to be about. We've looked at AKIRA on its 25th anniversary, talked about My Neighbor Totoro as a mix of both childhood and adulthood views of the world, and compared how the bigger-budget remake of Berserk compares against the original version for TV.

We hope you'll stick around. Things are about to get interesting — and, we hope, all the more eye-opening.

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[Original publication date: November 1, 2013]