Turning Blu

Nozomi Entertainment (Right Stuf) brought us a DVD edition of Turn A Gundam not long ago. They're now upping the ante with a Blu-ray Disc edition out sometime next year. I've seen relatively little Gundam -- the original series, some of Wing, the first season of SEED -- so I'm by no means an expert, but Turn A is thus far my favorite of the bunch, and the one most likely to lend itself to some discussion here. Expect that when the BD drops.

Update: The good news just got even better. Right Stuff will be providing an exchange/upgrade program for those who bought the DVD editions.

Writer & Bunny

A while back word dropped that superhero homage/parody Tiger & Bunny was to be adapted into a live-action feature film on this side of the Pacific, something I thought was a splendid idea. Now a writer has been officially attached, Ellen Shanman, a voice actress who did some work on Pokémon but also has some pending feature film and some other existing TV credits to her name. Street date: 2019. Breath held.

Tell me another story

One of the less-discussed gems of the past season or two has been Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju, about an ex-con who learns the art of rakugo (comedic monologues) from a master as a way to reform himself. Apparently it was enough of a success that a second season's now in the offing. I didn't get to talk about this show the first time around, but a second season will give me just the excuse I need to do that. Will someone please license this fine piece of work for a release on physical media in an English-speaking territory, instead of yet another show about a high school club or kids fighting aliens with super-weapons only they can control? (A man can dream, right?)

Stranger and stranger

One of the titles that dropped between the cracks when Bandai shuttered its U.S. wing was Sword of the Stranger, an immensely impressive samurai/martial-arts feature film that came out back in 2007. Add that one to the growing roster of titles picked up by Funimation, out November 8. The company will also be releasing Hideaki Anno's new take on Godzilla, which has been trailed by superlative word.

Derp of the week

You sure it's a wise idea to pair up a (most likely bogus) wealth-enhancement ad with an image of a fellow cosplaying a character best known for being perpetually broke?

Also, does this cosplayer know his photo is being used in this fashion? (Judging from the background, it looks like it was taken at Otakon some year.)

Mr. Gintoki, call your office.

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