Godzilla Planet World Universe Thing Show Trailer Preview

Coming soon to Netflix. No English on this trailer, but you won't care.

Yes, please.

Red scribes to rewrite Naruto

I'm highly dubious of a Western remake of Naruto in any form, far more so than I was about Ghost In The Shell. Imagine all the mistakes of The Last Airbender repeated for an entirely new fandom. But the project marches on, with VFX guy Michael Gracey still attached as directed, and the writers from RED, Jon and Eric Hoeber, now performing a rewrite.

My objections to the project stem from two things. One is the locale and the casting, since the project makes little to no sense if it's forcibly extracted from its cultural context. The other is the way it's hard to take some of the goings-on in the manga and make them not look ridiculous as live action, but the first of those concerns way overrides the second.

But my third worry is that it's just going to end up being a bad movie, with an incomprehensible storyline patched together hither-and-thither from different bits of the continuity. The most significant thing about the franchise is how an entire generation of readers and viewers literally grew up with the main character as he grew up, too, and that's not something you can do justice to in a feature film.

In this (meticulously researched) corner...

Among the many great things about In This Corner Of The World is the level of detail in every conceivable aspect of the production. Funimation has a video explainer:

You can't keep a good Miyazaki down

You didn't really think he was going to retire, did you?

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