The 'Tatami' has come to our galaxy

If you don't have a Crunchyroll account yet, that company's partnership with Funimation has been making it harder to skip out on getting one. The most ironclad proof of this arrived last week when Masaaki Yuasa's The Tatami Galaxy -- read our appraisal here -- was added to the service. It's previously been available on Funimation's own site, and by way of a pricey UK Blu-ray Disc import edition, so this makes it far, far easier to

'Roses' blooming at last

Toshio Matsumoto only directed a few films in his lifetime, but his batting average for masterworks is nearly 1.000. Among them is Funeral Parade Of Roses, which according to its restorers Cinelicious Pics, is: of the most subversive and intoxicating films of the late 1960s: a headlong dive into a dazzling, unseen Tokyo night-world of drag queen bars and fabulous divas, fueled by booze, drugs, fuzz guitars, performance art and black mascara. No less than Stanley Kubrick cited the film as a direct influence on his own dystopian classic A Clockwork Orange.

It's finally set to come out on Blu-ray in the U.S. in November. Cinelicious are the same folks who gave us the magnificent 4K restoration of Belladonna Of Sadness. We at Ganriki have been waiting for this one for literally years, so it can't come to us soon enough.

I have to see!

Detective/slice-of-life anime Hyouka garnered something of a cult following, and from the look of it a wholly deserved one, in part due to it long being unavailable (for no discernible reason) in a domestic release. Absence makes the curiosity grow fonder.

Now a live-action version has been completed -- although from the trailer available, it looks like one of the most key elements of the original is missing: the spellbinding, quasi-psychedelic visuals used to enhance the story. But it looks like they're being pretty faithful to the plot, at least.

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