A lull, but not dull: Here's an English-dub trailer for A Lull in the Sea (a/k/a Nagi-Asu), courtesy of NIS America:

Very much a first for NIS America, given that they have typically eschewed the cost of dubbing for the sake of pouring that money back into the production values for the media itself. (Maybe they're banking enough now that they can afford a dub here and there? Either way, good news.)

Robotech gets some direction: From James Wan, specifically, a step sideways from making staggering bank with Furious 7. Or maybe not so sideways a step as it might seem...

You've seen the trailer ... : ... now read the subtitles. Attack on Titan's sneak peek now has some English to go with it, in case you (like me) didn't have your aural comprehension up to snuff.

Look who's next for Death Note: Adam Wingard, director of You're Next, is now taking the director's chair for the long-gestating Western remake of that speed-chess-death-match-of-wits. (Or you could just go check out the musical in the meantime.)

AssClass2: More Ass(assination), More Class(room): A second season of the "alien tutors losers, laughingly invites death from all sides" oddity that turned out to be a little gem is on the way. Hard to see how that wouldn't happen, what with the live-action version also getting a sequel.

Get out from under that dog and tell us what's going on: Some discussion from the new creative team for the beleaguered (would that be the right word?) Under the Dog project about how things ended up her and where they are going. My money is, unfortunately, on this thing fizzling out at this point. Not all crowdfunded works can be Little Witch Academia, I guess. (I'm happy to be proven wrong, but now I'm feeling like that's a long shot.)

The horror. The horror: "Cross Ange Creative Producer Indicates Sales Were Strong Enough for More". Anything beyond that level of detail and I'm skirting an aneurysm.

Gally, we've been waiting: No, this isn't long-overdue news about the live-action Battle Angel Alita movie that we should have seen instead of FernGully In Space. Sorry to disappoint. Rather, it's about the first artbook for the Alita series, some 25 years after the series's debut. Do sign me up for a copy, good sirs.

A study in contrasts: Obama, Abe.

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