The GKIDS are alright: The fine folks at the ANNcast did an interview with David Jestead, Director of Distribution at GKIDS. Those curious not only about their deal with Studio Ghibli but a whole passel of other goodies should give this a listen.

Miike's makin' anime: Well, sort of. He's directing a live-action adaptation of Terra Formars, and given how loopy and wonderful his previous forays into anime/manga adaptation have been (Crows Zero, Yatterman, Nintama Rantaro [aka Ninja Kids!!; why the hell hasn't this been released here?]). Awaiting this one with great curiosity, even if I am no fan of the source material — well, not yet, at least.

Golgo, Golgo, gone: The insanely long-running Golgo 13, Takao Saito's seemingly endless story about an iconic hitman who never, ever misses his mark, is apparently preparing to draw to a close after 47 years. VIZ released an edited-highlights series of books, chosen by Saito and his editors, compressing the best stories from across the run into (what else?) 13 volumes. If you're curious about one of the most macho manga (and later anime) ever created, this one has enough T to put hair on a potted plant.

Kuroko's what?: Before there was Kuroko no Basuke, there was Slam Dunk. It's now coming out on video Stateside. "Iconic" and "influential" doesn't come close to summing this one up.

Not anime, but urgent all the same: A trade treaty currently begin negotiated would force many works back into the public domain, worldwide. This includes many literary treasures from Japan, some of which have been major inspirations for anime and manga titles. "... of 572 authors whose works [Aozora Bunko, Japan's Project Gutenberg] have published, about half would have to be taken offline if the copyright term is extended retroactively. (Even if not retroactive, the extension of copyright would mean no new Aozora Bunko releases until 2036.)" Emphasis ours.

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