Oh, look, the next volume of Black Lagoon is available for pre-order: No comment needed.

ARISE arises again: Four wasn't enough for you? Well, now you're getting two, two, TWO more episodes of Ghost in the Shell: ARISE before much longer. There's also going to be a "TV re-edit" of the OVAs, with each episode split in half and some rejiggering of the episode order (I'm not sure how that's going to work). All very intriguing, and even as I know full well ARISE was a good-but-not-great piece of work, I'd rather see more milk from that particular cow than many other franchises that don't start, let alone conclude, anywhere nearly on the same level.

No 'Jo: And now there's a fan petition to have Scarlett Johansson pulled from the upcoming live-action Western Ghost in the Shell movie. Such things I find approximately as constructive as shouting at the rain to stop, although they're good for a laugh.

Dogged: Some more notes have surfaced from the Under the Dog production team, which left Kickstarter backers feeling jarred and uneasy when they found out how the production has switched teams. Good of them to keep us in the loop, but I'm starting to see why Kickstarters don't have the best reputation: they flame out way, way too easily.

Dubbed: A whole slew of FUNimation simulcasts are getting the simul-dub treatment, from Assassination Classroom to Death Parade (yeah!) to Tokyo Ghoul. A trend I suspect will only increase, given how more fans are opting for streaming and simulcasts, and how physical media is becoming more and more the domain of a minority of collectors.

Vertical rising: The venerable Vertical, Inc. recently announced a batch of eye-opening light novel titles -- NISIOISIN's Kizumonogatari (my fingers always trip over each other whenever typing the name of a title from that franchise), Seraph of the End, and the apparently utterly bonkers soon-to-be-an-anime Ninja Slayer. Excellent taste as always from these folks.

Sinbad's first look: If the teaser trailer for the forthcoming Sinbad: The Flying Princess and the Secret Island looks a tot Ghibli-esque, that's no accident. Two of the staffers are Ghibli alums: Yoshiharu Sato (My Neighbor Totoro, Only Yesterday) and Hiroyuki Kawasaki (Ronja the Robber's Daughter). The production studio, Nippon Animation, were the creators of titles exported worldwide in the 1970s (Anne of Green Gables, A Dog of Flanders, et al.), 

What happens when people want to buy anime and manga legally, but can't?: Good question.

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