Feds are to investigate the case of the Mugen cosplayer who was shot by police.

Rise from your grave: Is ADV Films making a surprise comeback? Their site is back online with a mysterious number display, but nothing beyond that. I'm not sure why the property would need to be resurrected — Sentai Filmworks picked up where they left off. Perhaps this means many of the properties previously held by ADV are coming back to life as well (e.g., classic Evangelion)? Your guess is as good as mine.

And while we're on the subject of Sentai: They just licensed Knights of Sidonia for physical release in the U.S. That was, in my opinion, a good series that has not quite yet hit the heights of greatness, although maybe the next clutch of episodes will tip the meter in that direction.

DH brings back OT's AB: Dark Horse, ever a source of good things, is bringing back none other than Astro-Boy in a series of 3-in-one omnibus editions. I had — and then stupidly sold — the original individual-volume runs of the property. This is one of the many signs of Dark Horse's mega-deal with Tezuka Productions, so look for much more on this front in the future.

Minimum rage: How lousy is the pay for a fledgling animator in Japan? How about a buck an hourSmall wonder the turnover in the industry is something like 90% every two years. With working conditions like that, breathing hot grease for eight hours suddenly doesn't seem so bad.

Remakes for Algernon: Flowers for Algernon, the quasi-SF story about a simple-minded young man given the gift of immense (if temporary) intelligence, has been a cult favorite in Japan for decades. Now it's getting a TV adaptation — not the first time this has happened, either. I'm amazed an anime version hasn't surfaced yet — especially since the wistful tone of the project is reminiscent of many existing sentimental anime stories like HAL.

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