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Going Berserk: Some more details about that new Berserk project. It is indeed a TV series, and it debuts in July. It's a shame that the source material has dropped back to such an intermittent production schedule, though; I'm wondering if Miura is (pace George R.R. Martin) just getting sick of the whole thing. I still have his new production Giganto Maxia waiting for me to read, so I'll be reporting back on that sometime this month.

Maybe we should call it Fullmetal Soldoutchemist: Funimation is apparently losing the rights to a title that seemed like it would have been an evergreen for them: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. What makes this particularly bad news is the way Aniplex has been making it all the harder (and more expensive) to obtain many of their titles, and how this has been one of the titles that gave Funimation its top place in the U.S. market, the other being the DragonBall franchise in all its myriad incarnations. We've seen plenty of examples of how the U.S. arms of Japanese anime outfits tend to do a poor job, so this does not bode well on any front.

Sum of comment: If you've been considering picking up Brotherhood, now's the time.

Practice cyber safety, the manga way: One for the clever promotions department: a cybersecurity awareness pamphlet ... as a Ghost in the Shell manga. Or the other way around, if you prefer. I had to download myself a copy of this treasure, being a staunch fan of that property, although there's got to be no small irony at this point in how its non-Japanese fanbase is probably an order of magnitude bigger than its domestic one. (And also, is it likely that what fanbase it has in Japan doesn't already know about safe computing?)

Ghost in a new shell: Production of the live-action Ghost in the Shell movie has been shuttled over to Paramount, where it will continue to turn into something that has little to do with the property that shares its name. Call me faithless if you like, but let's face it — the track record for J-to-W live-action adaptations is rather pitiful.

Shame on you: This is some guy on YouTube. He posted a hoax trailer for the next Evangelion. He's kind of a jerk. Don't be that guy.

Meanwhile, in the world of real trailers that look wonderful... : I speak of the trailer for the new production from LAIKA, Kubo and the Two Strings. This looks promising enough that I might end up reviewing it in these here pages.

Have spear, will travel ... to prime time: News broke a while back of a live-action adaptation of the splendid (and thoughtful) fantasy adventure Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit, originally a light-novel series but partially adapted into an anime as well (reviewed, with no small amount of praise, by us). Now we have visuals, and damn if'n they don't look spot-on. Best part: the TV series covers the entire cycle of books, of which only the first two ever made it into English. If Crunchyroll sees fit to do us a solid and pick this one up, it'll be about the only practical way to experience the rest of the books short of fan-translations. (I do not believe any of them exist, so don't ask.)

Get High: Discotek (god love 'em) is reissuing Cromartie High School. If you-all don't yet know this absolute scream of a series — a spoof of the delinquents-in-high-school subgenre that also gave us such genuine gems as Blue Spring — now we have just the excuse I need to bring it to everyone's attention. It also spawned an even crazier live-action version, and you can bet I will talk about both of these riotous artifacts. (The original manga is also out there, although I never did add it to my own library.)

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