Not the princess, but almost as good: The entrancing, bewitching, delirious Mononoke is on Crunchyroll. We loved it. Go watch it.

ScarJo in the shell has a date: April 14, 2017, four days after Leon Kowalski's birthday, to be precise. Once they have a release date, it's more or less a done deal. For more on why I'm not thrilled about the idea of a Western Ghost in the Shell live-action film, go here. (Another article deriding ScarJo's casting here.)

Vertical ESP: Vertical, Inc.'s newest manga license is a big-name pick-up: Tokyo ESP, the anime of which was snapped up by FUNimation as well. I still have to get around to seeing this, as good word has reached my ears about it. No date for when this hits shelves, though.

ABe-normal: Yoshitoshi ABe, the designer of a great many excellent things -- Serial Experiments Lain, Haibane Renmei — was collaborating on a Taishō-era SF anime project (these are a few of my favorite thiiiings....) called Despera with director Ryutaro Nakamura. Nakamura's death in 2013 scoteched the project, but it's now back on the rails with a new director, and with Lain/Hellsing/Texhnolyze screenwriter Chiaki J. Konaka doing scribe duty. From where I sit, there are too many good things about this project to be believed, so I will be waiting very imaptiently for it to reach these shores.

Positive circumstances: Kare Kano, a/k/a His and Her Circumstances, has just hit Manga Video's YouTube channel. For those not in the know, this romantic comedy has a few sly left-hand twists courtesy of a director, some guy named Anno who did some story about these giant robot evangelists or something.

A yen for action: Yen Press has scooped up some plum titles, chief among them the original Durarara!! light novels. That's all the more startling given how logistically difficult and costly it is to offer any light novel properties in English, but hey! Also coming soon are both the light novel and manga versions of Black Bullet and Strike the Blood (last time I did that, I made a terrible mess, hyuk hyuk), various Madoka Magica spinoff titles, and Black Butler creator Yana Tobosa's debut series Rust Blaster. I foresee some of us going broke in the near future.

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