Almost typed "2015" there. Again.

When Marnie was nominated: When Marnie Was There, the swan song for the "classic" Ghibli (who knows what they'll become after this?), has been nominated for a Best Animated Feature Oscar. It'll almost certainly lose to whatever Pixar movie was released this year — oh, yeah, that was Inside Out — but to see it get at least a nod of recognition is always welcome. Marnie was fine stuff, especially in the closing reel, but it's really hard not to be outclassed by the Mouse House in any of its incarnations.

Open the doors to Amano: Yoshitaka Amano gave Final Fantasy, Vampire Hunter D, and even Gatchaman their signature looks. He's had many gallery exhibitions before — he had one [actually, two] in New York in the '90s which eluded me, dammit — but he's got a new one opening in Tokyo this month. Runs January 29 through March 8 at the Yurakucho Asahi Gallery on the 11th floor of the Yurakucho Mullion Building in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan. Getcherticketz.

Lychee light trailer: For anyone else who has read the ultra-ero-guro manga Lychee Light Club, does the prospect of turning it into a live-action movie sound as tough a mission to fulfill to you as it does to me? If only because the source material is so flabbergastingly extreme, that any live-action production would either have to be a drastically bowdlerized version of the material, or would only play to the "red band trailer" set (if it even played at all)? Well, the official rating for the film is R15, so that means at least some of the really boundary-pushing material in this story about an all-boys club, their robot creation, and their female captive has been left in.

A glimpse of the BladeSome of the best live-action adaptation news to break last year involved Takashi Miike (!) adapting Hiroaki Samura's manga Blade of the Immortal (!!), about a nigh-unkillable blade-for-hire and his body-horror misadventures; David Cronenberg meets Tange Sazen. Now, some photos have surfaced [EDIT: they're not from the movie, though, but from the stage play], and they look spot-on. Just need to make sure the movie looks this good — and that Manji's jacket still has his signature swastika on the back...

KenshiNetflix: The title says it all. If you haven't seen the series before, it's well worth your time, although do be warned the third season has nothing to do with the manga and is markedly inferior to what comes before.

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