Welcome to the first year of the rest of your lives!

Scarlett's our Motoko: Prospective Motoko Kusanagi Scarlett Johannson has formally signed on according to Variety. Our analysis is here, in case you missed it. Also, go back and check out my original essay on this conundrum.

Good night, Christine: Longtime voice actress Christine Cavanaugh, she who voiced "Chuckie" of Rugrats and  "Dexter" (no, not that Dexter), passed away at the age of 51. Gather those rosebuds.

Yoko, oh yes: A rare interview with Yoko Kanno. Dumb nitpick: why call her a "soundtracker" instead of, you know, a composer, which is what she's called herself countless times? Against the onslaught of silly neologisms even the editors struggle in vain, I guess.

Smooth move: A detailed look back at the sakuga, or animation higlights, of 2014, courtesy of the fine folks at The Vanishing Trooper Incident.

OId school beat 'em up: Osamu Dezaki directed Karate Master, a fire'n'vinegar story about, well, no prizes for guessing what it's about. It's a gas. It's also now on Hulu, so ditch those torrents.

Revisionist history: Ben Towle takes to task that Wall Street Journal article about the alleged boom in comics for women that was ... actually with us the whole time.

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