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The "d" is for "digital": After much back and forth and on and off, Vampire Hunter D (now also back out on Blu-ray) is finally coming back to screens in a CGI-animated TV series. The animation's being done by Digital Frontier, the same folks who worked on Tekken: Blood Vengeance, so it stands to be reasonably good-looking. Still, I can't help but feel this is something that needs to be done in the hand-drawn Yoshiaki Kawajiri style of Bloodlust; that incarnation of the character was sensational and deserves revisiting. Also, while Hideyuki Kikuchi himself is also involved, it's not clear if this will be an original storyline or an adaptation of an existing novel. (Word had it at one point Mysterious Journey to the North Sea was being used as a possible source.)

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An inevitable Attack: FUNimation has added the live-action Attack on Titan films to their catalog of titles for Stateside distribution. Who wants to take bets on whether or not this will be a prelude to a live-action American remake of the property? A prospect I don't find myself shrinking away from, to be honest; it's one of those titles that ought to jump the pond quite handily. (And given that the first volume of the manga has spent something like one hundred weeks on the NY Times Manga bestseller list ... *)

No means no, especially in costume: John Leigh, event manager of Anime Matsuri, has been accused of sexual harassment. This is apparently not an isolated incident, either; neither is the accused's attempts to deflect his behavior by (at least in part) attempting to label it as humor gone wrong.

It bears repeating: Cosplay is not consent.

Tokyoflop: Aspiring comic artists, whatever you do, don't sign the contract for Tokyopop's new "Manga Pilot" program. The terms in this thing are worse than those for Facebook. Ask Svetlana Chmakova, et al., for first-hand word about how well Tokyopop treated their people back in the day when they were actually a going concern. What reason do we have to believe anything's better now?

Various Ghosts: Some Ghost in the Shell news from around and about over the past couple of weeks:

Wise man says, an open mouth is already a mistake: What happens when a Western company announces prematurely that they've licensed a given anime title? According to Justin Sevakis, a horrible mess. There's a reason companies that hold Q&As do not take questions about what titles they have licensed other than what they've already announced; they can't answer them lest they lose deals or get sued. (I've long believed fans understand so little about how the business works, or how any business works, that it really does help to explain this to them in the most straightforward terms possible.)

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REDLINE is cheap: $7.99 at Amazon. And good grief, is it ever worth it.

Look fast for the gunpla: Apparently Gundam made a cameo appearance of sorts in season 2 of True Detective. I'll believe we've "arrived" when they make an entire episode of Game of Thrones into an Attack on Titan homage. (Hey, we're getting awfully close to that.)

* The fact that the New York Times has a manga bestseller list has long been, to me, a sign that we've "arrived" by any definition of the term you could choose.

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