GKIDS gets Miss Hokusai: For my money, GKIDS is fast becoming one of the best anime distributors in the English-speaking world. Certainly one of the ones with the best taste, as their latest pickup is Keiichi (Colorful) Hara's Miss Hokusai, with animation by Production I.G. It's an adaptation of a manga by Hinako Sugiura, about legendary Japanese artist Hokusai's daughter O-ei emerging from her father's shadow and trying to gain mastery of her own life. Look for it in theaters this October and sometime on video after that. (My interest in it was such that I was prepared to import it from the U.K. if needed, but it looks like I'll now be able to save drastically on shipping.)

The Attack is comin' back: At last, some solid word on when we'll have a second season of Attack on Titan. "Spring 2017" is what the word of god is saying. I was more than happy to wait for a second season if it meant it was done right. It's also not like the franchise hasn't produced plenty of interstitial material to keep hardcore fans happy in the meanwhile — the light novels in English, for instance, or the goofy high-school spinoff series. But at least now we can keep our calendars clear.

Laugh, it's live: Period (19th-century, Meiji-era) fantasy Laughing Under The Clouds has a live-action adaptation in the works. I've been watching the show on and off between other things, and so far I enjoy it more for the period flavor than for the actual content. It's another case of a series of nifty design decisions and aesthetic choices used to tart up a story that (so far) adds up to a lot less than I thought it would. Some part of me feels obliged to talk about most any property that has a period-Japan aspect to it — that's mostly my tastes and enthusiasms speaking — but Clouds is one of those shows that's mostly interesting for the design rather than the storytelling. I'm not expecting much more from the live-action version, but you never know.

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Now hear this: A Silent Voice, the manga about a deaf girl and her bully-turned-friend, has received great acclaim for confronting a prickly subject with humor and fire. I'm reading it now, and I was reminded of the underrated Eric Stoltz/Cher film Mask, in the sense that it's about someone with a disability but doesn't wallow in sentiment or easy answers. An animated adaptation of the manga is on the way — here's hoping it comes Stateside — and is being presented in screenings with subtitles for the hearing-impaired.

Trigger happy: Studio Trigger's Little Witch Academia, already good in two OAV installments, is getting a full-blown TV series. I loved the originals, and so this comes as a doubly-welcome surprise.

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