Anime? Not around here, citizen: Chinese authorities have blacklisted 38 anime and manga titles from distribution in China. Some of them were previously given the stink-eye by authorities before — Death Note, most notably — and most of them seem to be getting the ban because of violence (Deadman Wonderland), sexuality (So, I Can't Play H!), or ... questioning authority, perhaps (Psycho-Pass, Ergo Proxy)? Scenes of "terrorism and crimes against public morality" are on the no-go list, which goes a long way towards explaining the latter two.

I've long since stopped being surprised at how authoritarian states crack down first and hardest on innocuous entertainments; they know full well how the likes of Václav Havel have leveraged popular culture to legitimize and promulgate dissidence. One thing they are not is stupid. Pigheaded, yes; stupid, no.

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Oh my, Amano: Yoshitaka Amano, the man who gave us the look of everything from Final Fantasy to Vampire Hunter D, had an art exhibition at the Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art. Excuse me while I sit over here and feel jealous of everyone who was within a hundred-mile radius of the place. Amano's work has not always been translated properly into other media — his various anime collaborations (e.g., Ayakashi) have been hit-or-miss — but his original work always speaks for itself.

Oh boy, AKIRA: You most likely already know about this news by now. What more can I say? Leo, if you're listening, there's far better things to throw your money at.

Sony in the shell: A Ghost in the Shell ad is being used to show off the highlights of Sony's Bravia line of 4K TVs. The YouTube clip is 1080 only, though. Kinda defeats the purpose, no?

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