BREAKING: GITS: ARISE stage play also set to hit the boards: If they can get Motoko to vanish on stage with a real-world invisibility cloak, then I know they're serious.

Knights of Sidonia Season 2 trailer: You're welcome.

Evangelion the manga king: So say the manga sales reports for the first half of 2015 in Japan, where the still, still-ongoing Yoshiyuki Sadamoto adaptation of Evangelion (they're up to volume 14) occupied the top slot — yes, even over Attack on Titan, which is still killin' it. What I'm curious about is what the audience is for the material at present: is it in fact one of those properties that has made the jump across generations, or is it only popular with the completists and collectors who have been following the manga incarnation of this series long past the show's original air date?

Witch's peek: A trailer for the long-awaited Little Witch Academia 2 has hit the intertubes, and the title itself is to be premiered at Anime Expo. I kick myself now for not getting in on the funding of this thing when it was still only a twinkle in Studio Trigger's eye.

Also in crowdfunding: AnimEigo's deluxe reissue of Otaku no Video and the animated movie adaptation of Fumiyo Kono's In This Corner of the World (referred to inexplicably as To All Corners of the World by Variety) are both heading into production, thanks to crowdfunding. World wanted $161,000; they raised $290,000.

I'm working up a much longer piece on this phenomenon, but I'm heartened to see how crowdfunding is becoming a useful platform for getting projects off the ground that might otherwise not get the attention or funding they deserve.Full disclosure: I am a proud backer of the Otaku no Video project, and was also a backer of the previous Bubblegum Crisis set from AnimEigo.

Amazon 1939130840

A-jin the a-nime: The Gamon Sakurai manga, distributed by Vertical, Inc. in the U.S. as A-Jin: Demi-Human*, will be adapted into a trilogy of animated films. I enjoyed the source material, even as it got rather improbably convoluted, so there's a reasonably good base to build on here.

How does Japan treat gay people?: Erica Friedman answers that question. Short version: it's complicated. Most interesting note:

Plenty of people (not just in Japan) are perfectly OK with a crossdressing idol group or a same-sex manga but haven't ever given a thought to actual LGBTQ people or their rights. There doesn't seem to be any correlation between the two things for a lot of people.

My own note: It's not hard to imagine Japan has a more progressive image of LGBTQ issues if your only immediate perception of it is what's transmitted via a tiny, self-glorifying slice of its popular culture.

Finally, have a yellow Tachikoma: And a smile.

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