Delta of Macross: Ladies and gentlement, there's a new Macross in town, and its name is Macross DeltaDon't know a blessed thing about it 'cept the title, and that it's likely to have a) variable fighters, b) a love triangle of some kind, c) a female pop star, and d) little to no chance of U.S. distribution due to Harmony Gold. (Please prove me wrong about d), OK?)

Dead man's casting call: The live-action Death Note movie in the West is apparently still a "go" thing, and now we have our Light: it's Nat Wolff, late of Paper Towns. Adam Wyngard (You're Next) is directing. (Side note: apparently Masi ["Hiro"] is one of the producers.)

I don't have the highest hopes for this; it sounds like it's going to end up being another piece of product off the J-horror remake assembly line. The bloom came off that rose years ago — and come to think of it, I don't think most Western audiences are gong to care one way or another what the source material was. Nor, in my opinion, will they rush out and buy the manga or the TV series once they do find out. This thing has to stand or die on its own two feet. (A piece at the Daily beast advances the notion this is another instance of Hollywood's Anime Whitewashing Epidemic.)

Fantastic and sad: A screening of the newly restored 1970s psychedelic anime Belladonna of Sadness took place at Fantastic Fest, and the folks at Birth Movies Death have a review. Am eagerly awaiting the home video release of this, since the restoration includes material axed from the film for its original release.

Also worth reading: a detailed interview with the folks who did the 4K restoration/remaster job, and who are also distributing the picture in the U.S., Cinelicious Pictures.

Kick it up another notch: AnimEigo, house of all things anime Kickstarter right now, has announced its next big project: a restoration of AD Police, an early 1990s OVA series set in the Bubblegum Crisis-verse. I am iffy on this particular title — it wasn't something particularly endearing or formative for me — but I'm behind AnimEigo's efforts in this vein generally, so I might well kick a few bucks towards this job. AnimEigo's most recent production, aside from the restored Bubblegum Crisis, is a restoration of Gainax's seminal Otaku no Video, half homage and half spoof of 1980s anime-nerd culture that I suspect will still ring terribly true.

More HeroesYoshiki Tanaka's Legend of Arslan was recently adapted into a manga series by way of Fullmetal Alchemist/Silver Spoon artist Hiromu Arakawa. Stands to reason that his other big masterpiece, Legend of the Galactic Heroes -- soon to be issued in English for the first time ever — would also get its own new manga adaptation. Arslan's own new manga version also got a TV adaptation, and I plan at some point to compare that to the OVA adapted from the same source material that came out in the 1980s.

Oh, and Production I.G is also re-adapting the Galactic Heroes novels as an entirely new anime for sometime in 2017. Dizzy yet?

Dreamtime harmonics: Great article on composer Kenji Kawai, best known for his work on the Ghost in the Shell films, but also Fate/stay night, and many live-action productions such as Mamoru Oshii's Avalon (a really sensational score, that).

What we don't talk about when we don't talk about manga: Well, why don't we talk about manga? This article has already made the rounds a few times, so I might not be surprising anyone by recommending it. My take is that anime and manga are like any other insular pop-culture phenomenon: it's entirely possible for a lot of people to be interested in it without it being "mainstream", because mainstream-ism is about mindset and attitude as much as it is about numbers. More so, I'm certain.

Poof: Apparently anime studio Manglobe (Samurai ChamplooErgo ProxyKarneval, The Sacred Blacksmith, The World God Only Knowsis approaching bankruptcy. No word on what this means for the ongoing animated adaptation of Project Itoh's Genocidal Organ, so I'm worried. UPDATE: It's official.

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