Farewell, Danno: Dan Baker, aka @tohoscope on Twitter, co-founder of Psychommu Gaijin and "co-conspirator" in the "Anime Hell" project, passed away Sunday night at the age of 48 from a heart attack. Among other things, he contributed the opening story to the Juku anthology, "Atomo, Monarch of Monsters" (I had a copy, but I suspect it vanished when I moved cross-country). I never did meet him personally, but he was known by many and sundry to be a wonderful fellow.

Wright on: The anime adaptation of the Phoenix Wright franchise (a/k/a Gyakuten Saiban) is set to air this coming April on Japanese TV. There was also a wild-looking live-action adaptation courtesy of insanely prolific (or maybe prolifically insane) director Takashi Miike (trailer). The former's a shoo-in for getting picked up by one of the domestic streaming services, but when will some kind soul grace us with the latter?

Busted: Crunchyroll just added Gunbuster 2 to its catalog. For those who enjoyed Kill la Kill and Gurren Lagann (especially the latter), cue this up and enjoy. I was only able to get my hands on the cut-down movie version of the series; you really do need to see the full version to enjoy it properly.

Beaned: AnimEigo's new restoration project is a reissue of Kenichi Sonoda's '80s chase-and-shoot comedy Riding Bean, and some lucky folks at Anime Weekend Atlanta got concrete details about it. The show for me is a minor one — not nearly as significant as Otaku no Video in terms of anime archaeology, which is also being reissued by AnimEigo — but still a fun one. As with Discotek Media, there's clearly a market for titles that go back that far into the archives.

A peek into the HeartFrom the folks who brought you the five-handkerchief weepie Anohana, here's a sneak peek at their latest production, The Anthem of the Heart - Beautiful Word Beautiful World - :

Light, or dark?: Usamaru Furuya's Lychee Light Club is as transgressive and willfully, eagerly vile as it gets. And yet somehow a live-action film adaptation has been put into the works, with a new teaser trailer out for all to see. I'm at a loss as to how this could be filmed as live action without it either being heavily censored or sporting Absolutely Not For Children (and possibly not for export, either) stickers all over it. That said, it does look like they're trying to at least capture the mood and tone of the original, so color me curious.

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