Let's have a trailer: Specifically, the one for Mamoru (Wolf Children) Hosoda's new movie, The Boy and the Beast:

ScarGhost starts shooting next year: So says the lady herself. The live-action Ghost in the Shell, with Scarlett Johansson at front and center, begins filming as of Jan/Feb 2016. Here's the irony: after seeing her in Lucy and Under the Skin, I have no doubts about her acting chops being up to this particular job. It's all the other ill-conceived things about this project that continue to bother me. I'd love for this not to be a turkey, but without knowing how they're dealing with the weird, tricky problems of race and locale that are bound to come up, I can only hold my breath and turn my gaze elsewhere.

Attack on YouTube: The live-action Attack on Titan movie now has a full trailer, and it's seriously impressive. Look for, among others, veteran Japanese actor Jun Kunimura (the bald fellow; he normally plays yakuza heavies and the like) in what seems to be a very capable cast.

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In case Sony didn't have enough black eyes: Based on a quick paw through the Wikileaks archive for Sony, it seems there was talk of a Hollywood adaptation of Golgo 13 at one point. There was in fact a much earlier live-action version (two, in fact) starring none other than Sonny Chiba — who was born for that role, let me tell you — but an updated version would actually be quite swell if done right. So from what I see, the real black eye is why Sony decided to let such a plum property go absolutely nowhere.

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Hayate hooray: A long-awaited license rescue has come to fruition: Sentai has picked up the first season of Hayate The Combat Butler*, long stranded after Bandai's demise. From what the folks at Vertical, Inc. say, the term "license rescue" is actually not used at all within the industry; it's a fan term — but that hasn't stopped it from being widely used to describe the practice of relicensing a previously-released title.)

Let's face it, stranger things have happened: Studio Ghibli allegedly contemplated doing their own adaptation of Parasyte. (Link, in Spanish.) My favorite lost Ghibli project is easily their unproduced version of Pippi Longstocking, but Astrid Lindgren's estate inexplicably said no to the project. Then again, after the horrible 1969 live-action version, a Golden Turkey Award winner, who would blame them for wanting to cut their losses?

The Gauche side of Ghibli: And speaking of The Little Studio That Could And Did, a Japanese Blu-ray edition of Gauche the Cellist, one of their earliest efforts (and one that hasn't surfaced on this side of the ocean yet), is back in print. It's bound to put a hole in the wallet, but it comes with English subs. Given that nobody is likely to pick this one up in the near term, I am likely to shell out the dosh myself ... although, if someone at Discotek wants to prove me wrong, they're more than welcome to.

Those obnoxious OVA-liens: Also out this week in Japan: a Blu-ray collection of the Urusei Yatsura OVAs. UY is such a hard sell of a title — especially since it dates back some 30 years — but those who are bitten by its bug never quite shake it off, yours truly included. No subs on this set (wasn't expecting any), and the domestic DVD editions are all out of print last I checked. Maybe Crunchyroll can get this one in their library? (And while we're at it, whatever happened to that print-on-demand anime DVD service I heard about some years back? Now there's an idea riper than ever for resurrection.)

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