Trailer of the 'Immortal'

Takashi Miike's adaptation of Blade Of The Immortal apparently cratered at the box office in Japan, but it's coming to us lucky stiffs in the U.S. English language trailer below. Once again, I'm impressed with the way the look of the comic has been translated, and there's even a smidge of the most important element (for me) — the unrepentant black humor.


The New York Review Of Books is not a venue normally associated with manga; most of their reviews are on Lit with a cap L. (And they do an excellent job of it, I should add.) That said, they recently took the time out to examine a manga that depicts the Fukushima disaster and cleanup effort, called Ichi-F:

Ichi-F may not be beautifully drawn or eloquently written. The perspective may be narrow and at times politically naïve, even infuriating. But it does not succumb to the superficial, fear-mongering nonsense that infects so much post-Fukushima reporting and art, both inside and outside Japan ....

Laboring under a delusion

What can be done to improve working conditions in the anime industry? One piece of advice making the rounds: don't assume just buying more product will help the grunts at the bottom of the ladder. Push for better working conditions overall.

Keep holding your breath

Naoki Urasawa's Monster ranks regularly at the top of best-of lists (mine included) for manga/anime properties from the past decade or so. All the more shameful that it's apparently stuck in a licensing quagmire that has no easy resolution.

Robotech, but first IT

Director Andy Muschetti is currently making waves with his apparently excellent film adaptation of Stephen King's IT. He's also the front-runner to sit in the director's chair for the long-gestating live-action version of Robotech, but it looks like that won't happen until the second half of IT has been put into the can.

And furthermore...

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