Update 2015/08/03: Voting has ended. Kill la Kill will be our reward review!

Updated 2015/07/21: We've broken our $20 milestone as well! The list of choices has been updated.

First off: Thank you! (And I do mean you.)

As of this week, Ganriki.org has passed $10 a month $20 a month in Patreon-supported funding, where donors pledge a certain amount a month to keep the wheels turning.

$10 $20 a month may not seem like a lot, but it's enough money back in my pocket to either pay the hosting bills for the site or pick up one extra manga (or cheap DVD) a month. Any way it's sliced, it's a boon.

When I first kicked off my Patreon drive to support Ganriki.org, I went back and forth about what sorts of incentives to provide my supporters. I ended up settling on the idea of analyzing certain high-profile series as a reward. The lower milestone tiers are shows I might have reviewed anyway, but at the higher end, they're more reflective of the kinds of things I would need to spend money on to do a proper job with.

Here, then, are the first-tier first- and second-tier reward choices for which show to examine in detail:

1. Steins;Gate

"The microwave is a time machine. Okarin proved it. The self-anointed mad scientist nuked bananas into some gelatinous version of the future. Or maybe it was the past. Doesn’t matter. No one thought he could do it, but he did it anyway. He sent text messages through time to people he knew. To his friends. Some of them female. Pretty. He should have been more careful. He should have stopped. Tampering with the time-space continuum attracts unwelcome attention. Clandestine organizations of nefarious origins take notice. SERN. Always watching. Okarin knows; he can feel their eyes. That’s why he started the top secret Future Gadget Lab. To stop them. You should join. We get to wear lab coats, and it’s dangerous. Danger is exciting because it’s deadly. The microwave is a time machine."  -- FUNimation.com official synopsis

© 2011 5pb./Nitroplus Steins;Gate Partners.https://www.ganriki.org/media/2014/steins-gate-01.jpg

2. Kill la Kill

"After 6 years since their collaboration on the ground breaking anime series, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Hiroyuki Imaishi and Kazuki Nakashima are back to shock the world! Ryuko Matoi is a vagrant school girl traveling from place to place searching for clues to the truth behind her father’s death—the ‘woman with the scissor blade.’ The journey has led Ryuko to Honnouji Academy." -- Aniplex official synopsis

© TRIGGER, Kazuki Nakashima / Kill la Kill Partnershiphttps://www.ganriki.org/media/2014/kill-la-kill-00.jpg

3. Black Lagoon

"Rokuro Okajima is meek, mundane, and metropolitan. His business trip to South East Asia turns from pleasure cruise to festival of pain when modern pirates board the ship and take him hostage. Revy, Dutch and Benny are merciless, maniacal, and mean. Together, they make up the crew of the Black Lagoon. Making a living in a city where the most villainous of villains make themselves at home isn't without its risks, but they take on any job available to them. Smuggling guns, drugs, kidnapped children, and stolen goods is all part of a hard days work." — FUNimation official synopsis

© 2006 REI HIROE· SHOGAKUKAN / BLACK LAGOON PROJECThttps://www.ganriki.org/media/2014/black-lagoon-00.jpg

4. Durarara!!

"Ikebukuro, Tokyo. Mikado Ryugamine is a young man who yearns for the city like no other. At the invitation of his childhood friend, Masaomi Kida, he leaves his hometown and enters Raira Academy in Ikebukuro. Masaomi warns Mikado about the mysterious organization of unknown origin known as the "Dollars" and some dangerous people in Ikebukuro to watch out for. In particular: the brawling champion Shizuo Heiwajima and hobbyist information broker Izaya Orihara. On his first day out in the city, Mikado, remembering another of Masaomi's stories, sees a jet-black motorcycle being driven by the fabled "Headless Rider." From then on, a series of random attacks and events begins to occur on the streets of Ikebukuro, and a group known as the Yellow Scarves arises as Ikebukuro begins to crumble!" (Official Aniplex synopsis)

© Ryohgo Narita / ASCII MEDIA WORKS / Ikebukuro Dollars / MBShttps://www.ganriki.org/media/2014/durarara-00.jpg

5. Hells

"Why do the living die? Because they’re alive. And where do they go when they die? They go to Hell—but Hell isn’t quite the place you’ve always thought it was. Linne’s a lively teenage girl, rushing off to her first day at a new school, promising her mother that she’ll make a hundred friends. Oh, she’ll arrive at a new school and make some interesting friends, that’s for sure, but not at the school she expected. Not in the realm of the living, in fact, for a sudden traffic accident sends her through the gates of the afterworld. By the time she’s realized that she’s in the afterlife and that her new classmates are demons of hell and not just outlandishly attired urban hipsters, she’s already begun to make friends, make a name for herself, and catch the eye of the handsome, smooth-talking student council president. She’s also earned the attention of Headmaster Helvis—a fearsome red demon with the dress and manner of the King, baby—and that’s not such a good thing. Especially given that something’s not right here—Linne can bleed, which means she’s alive, and that will have some pretty serious consequences for her and in fact for all of Hell’s denizens." (Fantastic Fest 2009 synopsis)

https://www.ganriki.org/media/2014/hells-01.jpg https://www.ganriki.org/media/2014/hells-02.jpg

6. Macross Plus

"In 2040, on the colonial planet Eden, the Ministry of Defense is developing a transforming super-stealth aircraft, a new advanced defense vehicle to counter alien attacks. An extrovert jet fighter maverick is assigned as the new test pilot on the project but competition heats up when he discovers that his old rival is a test pilot for a competing aircraft. The arrival of a mutal ex-girlfriend adds more tension to their conflict." (Official Amazon.com synopsis)

©1994, 1995 Big West/Macross Plus Projecthttps://www.ganriki.org/media/2014/macross-plus-00.jpg

The rules for selecting:

  1. Leave ONE comment in the comments section below indicating which series you want reviewed from this list. One vote per reader patron. (Sorry if this was unclear earlier; votes are only being accepted from supporters.)
  2. Please, no arguing about the selections! I have these titles earmarked for various reasons, among them ease of access to and a degree of familiarity with the material. If none of them appeal to you personally, perhaps something in the next batch will. (Plus, I already have more titles than I know what to do with on my own to-do list.)
  3. The article in question will be an analysis. No guarantees will be made or implied about whether it'll be positive or negative.
  4. Voting results will be tabulated at the end of July.
  5. The resulting article will be posted sometime late in August, as other things are already currently in progress.
  6. Unselected titles from this tier will be rolled forward into a future milestone tier.

(N.B.: Some of the selections for future tiers may be rejiggered after this. For instance, Revolutionary Girl Utena may be taken out of the running entirely, since I'm planning on doing a review to coincide with its Blu-ray Disc reissue anyway.)

Happy voting! Here's to more Ganriki!

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